Adopt a dog and save two lives! For every dog adopted from our shelter, that makes room for one more injured or ill animal to find sanctuary with us.

We have many, many adoptable adult dogs living at the shelter, and always have puppies awaiting the day that they are old enough to be sterilized and vaccinated so that they can go home too.

We invite potential adopters for contact us with what they are looking for (age, temperament, etc) and we can pick out a few dogs and you can make an appointment to meet them at our shelter. We also have an adoption event at Airport Plaza every other weekend where puppies that are ready to be adopted are on hand, and a couple highly adoptable adults too.

If you are in Chiang Mai for a short, or uncertain amount of time, we need foster families to look after puppies and adults who may be recovering from surgery, or just need a break from the shelter. Contact us for more information.

Santisook does not send dogs, or cats,  for overseas adoptions. If a volunteer or supporter comes and meets a cat or dog that they love and want to bring overseas, we will offer advice and help with information, depending on the country it can actually be quite easy, but we are unable to assist beyond that. Please contact us for any adoption inquiries or for more information: