Hello! I am asking for help on behalf of SANTISOOK DOGS AND CATS that does amazing work for abused, abandoned and needy animals.I have no affiliation or official standing with the foundation other than a healthy relationship with them born out of the sensitive way in which they helped me rehome my animals when I left Thailand. I receive no percentage or any “kickback” in money terms or in kind from any help or donations they may receive. My interest is purely seeing that they find the aid they truly need to continue their goodness and kindness to needy animals in a country where there are no official organisations such as SPCA or the Humane Society that cares for these poor creatures.Santisook Dogs and Cats are a Pro-Life, no-kill organisation that very often surrounds an animal that is beyond medical help, with love, care, affection, shelter,food and comfort in its last days so it can die in peace and dignity, without fear and pain or alone.Who pays for that? Can such people be bought with a wellpaying  job?

Do the animals only need help between 9 and 5 on week-days? In asking for help my approach is not to use the

  •  Bambi Card: where you are inundated with pictures and videos of cute,cuddly, fluffy kittens,puppies and bunny rabbits to tug at your purse strings
  • Suffering Card: where you are blasted with horrific true stories,pictures and videos of immense cruelty and suffering that some of these animals are subjected to
  • Guilt Card: where you are made to feel bad for buying yourself a beer or latte or having meal at a restaurant, instead of donating your last hard-earned cent to the foundation
  • Pleading/Begging Card: where you are subjected to numerous appeals in various forms such as e-mails, letters, tele -sales etc. so much so that you want to change ALL your contact details.

donate some of your money to help SANTISOOK DOGS AND CATS RESCUE FOUNDATION.

We have 3 staff who are paid the minimum wage. We have bills for animal feed,veterinarian’s cost, electricity,rates and taxes, transport,insurance and maintenance.We founding members do not draw salaries ourselves but use our own private funds where and when available.
For safety and security reasons we would prefer that you do a direct transfer to our account at SIAM Commercial Bank, ChiangMai, Account number 403 783 4644, SWIFT code SICOTHBK,
Account name Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation.
Or else use our PayPal links

Donate Cats Donate Dogs

Please follow-up your donation with a short e-mail so that we might know who sent it and be able to send you our heart-felt thanks in reply


Please look at what I call the


There is nowhere where you must register any personal details. There is nothing to fill-in. There is no-one to answer to. Only you know your answers. It all takes place inside your head……….until you decide otherwise.

  1.  Are you an animal lover with a conscience? YES/NO If YES go to question 2.
    If NO thank you for reading this far and it is not necessary for you to read any further unless you wish to………
  2.  Would you like to help deserving cats and dogs in some way? YES/NO 
    If YES go to question 3. If NO thank you for reading this far and it is not necessary for you to read any further unless you wish to………
  3. Can you help with a small or large financial contribution? YES/NO 
    If YES please go to the DONATE text box and read the information there. If NO please go to question 4.
  4. Would you like to help in some way OTHER than financially? YES/NO 
    If YES please go to the HELP text box and read the information there. If NO please read the information in the HELP text box anyway. You may find that there is a way in which you can help.

Compiled by Clive James Verburgt of
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Thank you for deciding to help SANTISOOK DOGS AND CATS RESCUE FOUNDATION in some way other than financially. We fully understand that your heart may be big but your purse small. Here follows some ideas and ways in which you can help us help these abused animals. Please read through them all as you may find more than one way in which to help.

Please follow-up your activity donation with a short e-mail telling us what you