Thank you for clicking on the HELP button.

There are many ways in which you can help the abandoned animals at SANTISOOK and stop the suffering. Not too many people have deep pockets and spare cash these days……

Read through all of these please, there may be a few methods you can use

  • SPREAD THE WORD Yes its’ so simple. Use Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line etc, Tell every-one you know. Email all your contacts and friends. Ask them to tell and email all their friends. Put a notice on the notice-board at work, at your club, church, gym etc and ask ALL to help these poor creatures.
  • A DONATION IN LIEU  Instead of buying a lame birthday card or Valentines gift or pricey flowers to celebrate an event, make a small donation in lieu of what you would have bought and tell the Special Person what you did for them. You will receive an amazing reaction.
  • SANTISOOK LINK printed on your business cards, letterheads, cheques and personal and Company correspondence. A great ice-breaker!!!
  • SPECIAL PROJECT Take –up a collection at work, school, and university or even among your team mates or drinking buddies. Hold a Fun Walk or Car-Wash day or Hot Dog Stand and send the money raised to help the cats and dogs at SANTISOOK live a little better, safer, longer, happier and healthier.
  • GARAGE/CAR-BOOT SALE Gather all the good, handy things you no longer need or use from the attic and store-room and hold a garage sale for SANTISOOK. If you don’t have enough items ask friends and family to contribute something. Your Company might have a lot of useful but out-dated and unwanted items and this would be a great way to move them for a good cause. You could sell them on EBay or Craig’s List for SANTISOOK.
  • VOLUNTEER Here you can volunteer your time, expertise or knowledge to an organisation or company or individual in return for them making a fair donation to SANTISOOK. Otherwise you could actually Volunteer at SANTISOOK in Chiang Mai, Thailand. For further details look at our website.
  • GAP YEAR GIGS Travel around Asia on your Gap Year and use us as your base (within fair reason). If you volunteer your help and time at SANTISOOK for various periods we can help you with documentation for your VISA. For further details look at our website.
  • SPONSOR one cat or dog a month. If you are willing to give up something minor like a few beers, a few lattes or a couple of packets of cigarettes, what-ever you choose you can set-up debit order to SANTISOOK for the small monthly savings you make and so sponsor just one dog or cat.
  • UN-OFFICIAL SOLICITATION On behalf of SANTISOOK and the animals we try to help, YOU can contact Companies, organisations, groups and individuals for help. You can ask them to donate financially via our website or send goods direct to us. Pharmaceutical Companies, Animal Feed organisations, Food Chains, Aid Groups, and importantly CELEBRITIES, Prominent figures, Radio stations and religious groups from ALL faiths. Ask these good people to show some compassion for the unfortunate animals that we love and care for. Speak for those creatures that have no-one to speak for them.compassion for the unfortunate animals that we love and care for. Speak for those creatures that have no-one to speak for them.