Map to Santisook Dog Shelter

Below you will find the map to Santisook’s dog and cat shelter. The shelters are located quite far from each other so double check that you are heading to the right place before heading out.

Please understand that we will absolutely not take in any animal that is brought to either shelter without a prior appointment. This rule will be followed strictly, if you would like to talk about bringing a cat or dog into our care, please call or send an email. It does not matter how far you have driven, or how poorly the cat or dog is. We will not except them without an appointment.

Please also be aware that foreign visitors need to make an appointment to visit the dog shelter, there is no English speaking staff onsite, and the facility is not set up for visitors or short stay volunteers. Please call or email and and we will happily arrange a time for you to come visit when we can have the proper staff on duty. There is usually English speaking staff onsite at the cat shelter, but we still appreciate a heads up call or email.

Both of these rules are in place for the health and safety or our resident animals and staff. Thank you for understanding.

There are nearly 300 dogs at the shelter, and they get very excited when visitors come. It is a good idea to put on a shirt and pants that you do not mind to have covered in muddy paw prints. Donations that are always needed at the dog shelter are: dry dog kibble, rice, frozen dog food meat, towels. blankets, scrubbing brushes, garbage bags, exam gloves, bandaging materials, medicated shampoo, and fencing material / bamboo fence/ roofing/ cement.

The cat shelter houses over 150 meow-friends. Prepared to get covered in fur from all the kitty cuddles when you come visit.

Donations are always welcomed and we always need: dry cat kibble, tinned/canned cat food, frozen fish. cat litter, cat furniture or anything that could be used as, towels, blankets, anything that can be used as kitty hiding places/ dens, as well as common bandaging materials and medical supplies