When we started Santisook our main activity was dog rescue, but over time we began to get more and more calls about cats in need, so we started taking in kittens for re homing and then taking in older cats who had been abandoned in temples and other cats in need too.

These are just some of our activities:

* Our main purpose is to sterilise male and female cats, it’s the only way to help reduce the population of homeless cats. Our many temple projects include sterilisation of all cats, vaccination and worming.

* Providing medical treatment and aftercare for cats who have been injured in accidents or by acts of cruelty

* Finding homes for kittens and for adult cats too. Many pet cats get dumped when their owners find they are pregnant. All responsible owners should have their cats sterilised.

* Feeding temple cats.

When dealing with cat and kitten situations, we will always try to find a solution that keeps them  in their home environment.  Cats commonly live on the street without a direct owner, and in most cases this is acceptable. Our shelter has limited space and is for emergency and extreme cases onlyContact us about getting your local street cat sterilised and vaccinated.

We would also be very happy to receive donations of goods for our cats and kittens such as toys, cat beds, litter trays & cat litter, food bowls and food.
Thank You!

Why Sterilize your FEMALE Cat?

She will not have kittens 3 or 4 times a year

She will not catch serious diseases from mating

(Like: Distemper – Feline Leukemia – FelineAIDS)

She will stay home and be much more friendly with you!  Will live longer, be healthier.

Why Sterilize your MALE Cat?

Unsterilized males are always looking for females so they get into fights and get bitten and injured, or hit by a car when they are roaming.

Unsterilized males urinate to mark their territory and his urine is very smelly.

He will not catch diseases from other cats when mating and fighting

(Like: Distemper – Feline Leukemia – FelineAIDS) 

He will stay home and be much more friendly with you! He will be much healthier and live much longer!

He will not be responsible for fathering unwanted, homeless kittens.

Many people think that it’s unnecessary to sterilize males because they don’t get pregnant – PLEASE – be a responsible owner and get your male cat sterilise, for all of the above reasons, Thank You.

It’s a 10 minute operation, the cat is anaesthetised, so it is pain free.

Why Vaccinate Your Cat?

Distemper (panleukopenia) (FPV) is very common in cats here.  It’s highly contagious and is deadly for un vaccinated cats.

The vaccine can be given when the kitten is 8 weeks old and the booster 3 weeks later. It’s absolutely vital to get the booster as the two vaccines work together to protect your kitten.

The rabies vaccine can be given from 12 weeks of age onwards.

Feline AIDS and Feline leukemia vaccines can be given.  However, these two diseases are so common here that if you have your kitten tested, he may be positive to one or both diseases already. Many cats and kittens live normal span lives while carrying these diseases and never develop symptoms that require medical treatment.

These diseases are passed by fighting, mating or roaming into other cats territory. Getting your cat sterilized, whether male OR  female will greatly reduce the risks to your cats health.