Our group has been involved in many activities which help rescued dogs to have better lives:

Helping to sterilise female and male dogs. The main focus of our charity is to sterilise as many female
dogs as we can. It’s the only way to help reduce the population of homeless dogs. One pair of dogs can be
responsible for producing 67,000 puppies in 6 years. Our projects include helping sterilised dogs at Nong Ho
Meditation Centre, Huai Sai Temple and street dogs where their carers cannot afford the cost of sterilisation.
Our sterilisation project is supported by the Veterinary Faculty, Chiang Mai University.(please see our blog
for details – coming soon)

Providing treatment for mange for homeless dogs and temple dogs. We also take care of the dogs at
Nong Ho Meditation Centre, Huai Sai temple and Doi Lo Temple. We also get requests from locals and
tourists who see dogs on the street suffering from mange. We try to treat the dog in his home or street if
possible, sometimes we take the dog to our shelter for treatment and return them home once fit and healthy.
The treatment includes ivomec injections and spray. WE also vaccinate all of the dogs in the temples we visit.

 Finding homes for puppies. Our group has helped many puppies to find good homes. There are so many
puppies dumped on the streets because owners do not sterilise female dogs. This is the big problem in
Thailand, people have not been educated about this problem. Our next project is to organise a meeting with
the Municipality’s Health section to organise an education project to teach village people about the
importance of sterilisation in order to reduce the population of puppies.

Rescuing injured or sick dogs. We will rescue dogs injured in car accidents and provided medical
treatment and rehabilitation for the dogs. Some dogs make a full recovery and we can return them to their
village or owner, but occasionally a dog will suffer permanent disability and in these cases we ensure full time
care and a home for life at our shelter. We look after blind dogs and we also have a disabled dog in his
wheel chair.

Feeding temple dogs. We regularly visit a number of temples and provide food for the dogs. Some temples have so many dogs it’s impossible for the monks to provide adequate nutritious food for them. Our
regular feeding program helps to ease the burden on the monks and prevent dogs from hunger and

If you would like to donate food for the temple dogs os shelter dogs it would really be appreciated.

Please contact us by phone or email.

 (All the dogs’ stories can see from our blog)