TNR Trap Neuter Return is the practice of capturing a feral / stray cat or dog, vaccinating and sterilizing them, and returning them to where they came from. TNR is a humane alternative to the too often practiced population control method of culling. Not only does culling not provide a lasting impact on population or public health, but Thailand being a Buddhist country, it is rarely practiced.

Mostly associated with feral cat populations in North America, Europe, and Australia, TNR Trap neuter Return also applies to dogs in places that have large numbers of feral/ stray dogs.  While Thailand’s public health authorities have worked hard to eliminate rabies from the country, limited funding, and a lack of other resources do not allow the authorities to tackle the problem.  With a growing number of Thai dog lovers understanding  and supporting the importance of controlling the stray populations, Santisook is contacted regularly by people who need help sterilizing the packs that they are supporting (putting out food for), and those who live on the grounds of Buddhist temples. Not many of these people have the money available to take these dogs to vet hospitals, they struggle and sacrifice to buy rice and dry dog food.

We work with these caretakers, monks, and local authorities to schedule dates that we can trap/ capture the dogs, sterilize and vaccinate them, when possible keep them under observation for a few days, and then release them back to the exact place we took them from. The caretakers and monks observe for signs of complications from the surgery.